In 2008 we’ve opened Kyoto Sushi & Grill in the centre of Amsterdam, the Damrak. Kyoto Sushi & Grill is a restaurant that offers Japanese cuisine. We distinguish ourselves by serving only high-quality sushi & grilled dishes for an affordable price. Besides our own menu we also offer menus from our in-house pop-ups: Hey Cha Tea Company, Dumplings Chef & Auntie Neneng’s:

Dumplings Chef offers a variety of homemade dumplings and bao’s. The dishes are handmade by our Chinese Chef, a true delight to try out!

Hey Cha Tea Company specializes in Boba drinks & Asian pastry. The label uses a lot of natural ingredients which results in unique flavorful Boba drinks.

Auntie Neneng’s originated from our Filipino colleague who cooked for the crew, her dishes we’re so popular that we decided to share these wonderful dishes with our gusts as well. Auntie Neneng’s cooks traditional Filipino comfort food, it just makes you instantly happy.

In 2016 we moved Kyoto Sushi & Grill to a beautiful location at Central Station which is even more central and spacious. The best thing about Kyoto Sushi & Grill at Central Station? The beautiful view of ‘t IJ!

Ruijterkade 42 B
1012 AA, Amsterdam
020 895 0023

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