An Izakaya is traditionally an Alcohol House where business people enjoyed alcoholic drinks together. Nowadays the Izakaya is a place where you can enjoy delicious food with each other while consuming drinks. 

Richard – San welcomes you to Izakaya Tanuki Amstelveen. In 1995 Tanuki established her first Izakaya in the centre of Amstelveen. With our entrance through the Japanese garden and seatings at typical Tatami tables, we strive to make you feel as if you are in Japan. 

Our menu is carefully selected by our Japanese Chef Mr. Kenji Osone – San. We offer the right balance between drinks and matching Izakaya dishes in an authentic way. 


Pieter Lastmanweg 9
1181 XG Amstelveen
020 645 4650

Daily open 12:00 – 23:00 (kitchen closes at 21:30)

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