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Taka Ramen

Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Taka first came to the Netherlands in 2008 for an office job, only to soon find out he could not easily enjoy a good bowl of ramen or street food. After 1 year, he had to return to Tokyo and started working at different restaurants to learn, never forgetting about his dream to have his own place.

In 2012 he returned to the Netherlands and started selling ramen, first at Waterlooplein, then moving to Toko Dun Yong, de Jordaan and back to Toko Dun Yong. Every year Taka returns to Japan to visit family and learn more about ramen to perfect his own ramen recipe.
Come and try Taka’s creations at his Ramen-ya near Gelderlandplein.

(next to Gelderlandplein)
Willem van Weldammelaan 4
1082 KV Amsterdam
020-737 2262

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