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So how does it work?


Get the card

Ask our staff for a Chang Membership card OR go cardless and download the Chang Restaurants App.


Register your card below or fill in the required information in the App when you use the app.


Make sure our colleagues scan your card or app when you pay for your order.

Get discount

Every time you will save 5% over the total amount which you can use the next time or can save up until you want to use it.
  • The Chang Membershipcard is not valid for Dutch Pancake Masters & Seoul Sista.
  • Please notice that it is only possible to use Chang Credits when you are registered.
  • The saved Chang credits can be used till a maximum of 50% discount of the total bill.
  • When the card is lost we still have your saved credits in our system when you were registered before. If the card was not registered the Chang Credits unfortunately are lost.

Register your card


Step 1

Click the register button below and fill in your card numbers (not 888 numbers).

Step 2

Fill in the required fields.

Step 3

The registration is now completed. Welcome to the membership of Chang Restaurants!
Register & Account portal

Game rules

  • Every time you can save 5% Chang credits of the total amount of your receipt in one of our restaurants
  • Dutch Pancake Masters & Seoul Sista are not participants of the Chang Membership card
  • It is not possible to save Chang credits and use them right away. The Chang credits can be redeemed at the first following payment in one of our restaurants.
  • The Chang credits can only be redeemed for discount on a receipt in one of our restaurants.
  • Chang credits can be used for a maximum of 50% of the total amount of the receipt.
  • You have to be registered with the card when you want to redeem your saved Chang credits.
  • When you have forgotten your card and do not have the Chang Restaurants App on your phone, unfortunately you can not save Chang credits.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see how many Chang credits I have saved?

  1. On the Chang Restaurants App, available for Android and iOS.

I want to share my account with my co-workers or family, is this possible?

Yes, just share your Chang App with each other. Use the Qr code in the app to save or use credits.

I forgot my card, can I still save my Chang credits?

If you have the Chang Restaurants app on your smartphone we can scan the QR code on the app. Otherwise there is unfortunately no possibility to save the Chang credits.

Where can I redeem my Chang credits?

The Chang credits can be cashed in these restaurants:

  • Saigon Caphe (Gelderlandplein, Amstelveen Stadshart, Central station)
  • Izakaya Tanuki (Amstelveen, Gelderlandplein)
  • Aroy Aroy (Gelderlandplein)
  • Hey Cha Tea Company (Gelderlandplein)

Please note that the credits will not return CASH but only can be used for discount in one of the Chang Restaurants.

I want to redeem my Chang credits but it is not working.

In order to redeem the Chang credits, you have to be registered. If you are not registered, you can not use the Chang credits.

I lost my card (stolen, lost etc.), what do I have to do?

When you are registered you have not lost your Chang credits. Our staff will give you a new membershipcard and our administration will process the changes so your saved Chang credits are added to your new card.

If you are not registered unfortunately your Chang Credits are gone.

I already saved points with the old saving system of Chang, what will happen with these points?

Please notify our staff, they will inform our office. Your saved points will be transferred to your new card.